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Major League Baseball is a professionally managed baseball organization that was established in 1903. It’s among the four main professional leagues in Canada and the USA. Beloved by everyone from little leaguers to house cleaners to business executives, read on for the nitty gritty on America’s favorite pastime.

MLB currently consists of 30 teams which play in the National League and American League, and each league is made up of 15 teams each.

The NL and AL were established in 1876 and 1901 respectively. They operated as distinct legal entities for many years, but were merged into one organization in 2000.

The organization plays an active oversight role over minor baseball leagues that comprise of approximately 240 teams which are all affiliated with clubs in the main league.

MLB and the World Baseball-Softball Confederation are both responsible for managing the international World Baseball-Classic tournament.

How activities are conducted

Out of the 30 teams in MLB, only one is in Canada whereas twenty-nine are in the USA.

In each season, all the teams play a total of 162 games, after which five teams in each of the leagues proceed to a postseason tournament. The four-round tournament eventually leads to a World Series, a seven of the best championship series that occurs between the NL and AL.

Broadcasts of games in the MLB are usually aired through the whole of North America and in many other countries across the world via television, the internet and radio.

When compared to other sports leagues, MLB has the greatest season attendance that comprise of up to 74 million spectators every year.

Organizational structure

Major League Baseball is governed by the official MLB Constitution, a document that was composed many years ago but has undergone several revisions over the years.

The organization, under directions of the Baseball Commissioner, is responsible for hiring and maintaining umpiring crews, as well as negotiating marketing, human resource and television contracts.

It is professionally led and managed by the Baseball Commissioner, a Chief Operating Officer and six vice presidents who are in charge of baseball development, baseball operations, business, administration, labor relations, finance and human resources.

League organization

In 2000, the two distinct legal entities (NL and AL) were dissolved to form one overall de jure league, Major League Baseball, albeit with two leagues taking the place of conferences.

The same regulations and rules are applicable in both leagues. However, the AL is also guided by the famous designated hitter rule, whereas the AL isn’t. This aspect (of difference in rules) is unique to MLB only.

MLB has many similarities with the National Hockey League, National Football League and National Basketball Association.

Major developments in baseball

As the popularity of baseball grew in the nineteen-sixties and seventies, many cities started building multi-purpose stadiums as an alternative to single purpose baseball stadiums.

Because of factors such as drastically changing climatic conditions and economic constraints, playing surfaces in the stadiums were made using artificial turf. They were also designed to assume oval shapes so as to accommodate both football and baseball games.

These factors changed the general nature of baseball, effectively putting higher premium on defense and speed instead of home run hitting-power. Additionally, the new fields were so big that players could not hit enough home runs.

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