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Every American kid between the ages of 10-20 would probably tell you modern day heroes who currently or who have ever played in American Soccer League. Great names like Beckham, Ronaldo, Lampard, Drogba and others are common vocabulary in America Soccer enthusiast. America has grown to be a sports loving nation. Not long ago baseball was the sport that the country swore by. But recent trends convey a different picture. Here is a closer look at why MLS (pro soccer) may soon be replacing baseball, as the nation’s favorite sport.

The reach of Major League Soccer

Over the last decade or so, the Major League Soccer (MLS) has literally exploded in its reach to American homes. This is despite the fact that it is regarded as the lesser cousin of the famous European leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga. The numbers bear witness to this explosive growth. Ten years ago, this league had barely three owners and ten teams. By now there are 19 clubs and two more and on their way. David Beckham who has been a game-changer when it comes to popularizing this sport in America too announced that he had extended stay in America to play and popularize American Soccer.

Dominating demographic trends

Another factor that has led to growing popularity of MLS (pro soccer) in America are the demographics of the nation. It is a fact that the fans of soccer are young and are fast growing community at that. Research in the field of sports shows that most soccer fans in America either belong to the 12-29 age group or are members of the Hispanic race. These are the die-hard fans who keeps a close look at soccer statistics and have them at their fingertips!

Spread Of Hispanics

The Hispanics are fast rising across America and may constitute a third of its population by the year 2050. A recent dipstick survey among the Hispanic population showed that 56 percent of this population are Soccer enthuiast and are great fans of both Spanish and English football. This is in stark contrast to the white non-Hispanic population, less than 20 percent of which is likely to tune into the game on television.

Soccer As a Career

There is also a compelling aspect that explains the rising popularity of MLS (pro soccer) in America. American parents today are encouraging their wards to take up soccer as a sport to pursue rather than football. The head injuries that come as a result of playing football is one of the major reasons for this changeover. Today 40 percent of American household have a least of one or two family members playing soccer. Once again soccer statistics bear witness to this fact. In the year 1974, there were only 100,000 players in the US Youth Soccer Association. Today that number has exceeded three million!


All of these facts point towards a single direction, and that is growing popularity of MLS (pro soccer) in America. Baseball may still be the favourite sport of the nation to date, but less than a decade from now, we could find that it has been replaced with MLS (pro soccer).

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