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American football or the NFL pro football (National Football League), is a sport that has been exclusively amateur for a long time, but today it is the most popular professional sports competition in the most powerful country in the world. It was founded in the colleges of the United States at the end of the 19th century. Walter Kemp is considered to be the founder of this sport and he was appointed as the first president of the organization of American football in 1873. At that time the basic rules of this game were determined, which have made it a separate sport compared to rugby. In 1898, the first professional club was founded which now plays in the NFL, Arizona.

By 1920, American football is gaining great popularity which created conditions for the establishment of the first professional league – APFA, which, after a year changed its name to the NFL, and Joe Carr becomes the first league president. The league consisted of 20 teams, and the participants were Green Bay and Chicago. The New York Giants joined them in 1925 and these three clubs won all championship titles until 1934. The first championship with a play-off system was played in 1933, and the same year Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have become members of the league. The competition has grown in quality from year to year but the 2nd World War slowed down the development of American football. However, the league was not interrupted and continued its great expansion.

In 1950 it included Cleveland, San Francisco and Baltimore (now Indianapolis) and slowly, but surely, the NFL has become the most watched competition in the United States. Along with the NFL, there were several football leagues that haven’t gained the desired viewing, and therefore they were quickly extinguished. However, there was one organisation that could compete with NFL, and it was the American Football League, founded in 1959. The teams of this league were: Denver, San Diego, Buffalo, New York Jets, New England, Oakland, Kansas, Miami and Minnesota. Dallas was founded in 1960 and Cincinnati in 1968 and they joined the American League. Logical unification of the two largest and most influential organizations followed in 1967. Then, for the first time these champions played a great finale, later named – the Super Bowl. Green Bay has convincingly defeated Kansas, 35-10! 1970 is considered to be the birth year of today’s NFL. New league consisted of 25 teams and today that number has climbed to 32 teams divided into two conferences.

The following data gives the best reflect on how much the NFL is popular: The grand finale for the year 2016 was watched by nearly 111.9 million Americans and approximately one billion viewers around the globe. Football has become a magnet for everything and many famous musicians and singers are competing on who will perform before the mach and during half time. Large companies are willing to spend millions of dollars on ads during the NFL games, because they aware of the popularity of this sport.

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