NHL – Pro Hockey

If you are a great fan of the NHL pro hockey then you need to start warming up for another hot season. The NHL never lacks it share of twists and turns but that is what makes it real fun. No matter the side you support we all have one worry on our mind when the game is over. Who is the real winner?

Well the solution to this question is far from being reached but at least we expect more satisfactory outcome this season. The NFL pro hockey managers have agreed to increase the number of cameras along the touch line to help in resolving the coach challenges. While this will greatly help in getting the accurate score, it is still way back since we can never know the real score after the game is over.

There is no doubt that the league is probably more challenging than ever before. All he teams seem to be in a superb form and nothing less of action and more fun is expected from every single game.

Besides the great improvement on the pitch, the NHL pro hockey is likely to receive more shake up in the near future. All the 30 general managers are in discussions on whether to expand the NHL or not. The expansion draft gives out the details of the expansion plan. It is expected that, if at all the draft will be adopted; the NHL will be hosting 32 teams in stead of the current 30. Well that will probably bring in more fun due to the increased completion.

That is not all; if you are so much attached to your NHL favorite players then you need to start thinking about the possibilities of not having them around. Although by now we can not be certain, just in case the expansion well be adopted then each team will be forced to drop at least one player. Well the teams will have to choose between either letting go of the keeper or sacrifice one player. As ridiculous as it sounds, the expansion clause has more to ponder upon.

For instance the teams will have to present a salary for the expansion player. The clause requires that the salaries provided should be at least 25% of the previous payroll for that team. However you don’t have to let that be your worry. If anything most of the favorite players are pro hockey players. The first and second year pro hockey players are to be exempted from these plans. The clause however requires them to be included on their third year.

The decision on whether to expand the league will be fully reached by June this year. However, the expansion teams will only be able to start playing in the 2017 or 2018 seasons. But that should not be an issue if at all they will bump the game up. Who cares about a team loosing one player? All we care about is getting a stronger team that will give some challenge to the KHL- no offense to the fans. They have been bragging around about how they own the league. What about some challenge.

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